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Close follow up and constructive and helpful feedback!

Alexander Hvass, Norway, graduate of the 2010 International Strategy and the Internationalization Laboratory (ORG410/444)

Artikkelen er mer enn ett år gammel, og kan inneholde utdatert informasjon.

My experience with the International Strategy and the Internationalization Laboratory was a great one. It provided a real life business like environment where we got the opportunity to work with real companies, helping them develop a strategy for internationalization. With close follow up from professors and staff, and constructive and helpful feedback throughout the process from both academics and executives, the learning experience was among the best and most intense I have had in my studies. Theory came alive and unfolded, making my perspective on the use of theory change forever. The form of letting real presentation of our case be graded at two different settings was also great, since it enabled students to experience the pressure of presentation that is to be expected in future job positions. The fact that the entire class excelled and did great with such a variety of companies to work with, made the final touch that topped a great, two month, intense experience to be remembered for a lifetime.