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Yury Ovseenko

Vitenskapelig assistent

Startup Mentor / Supervisor "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"


ING201 Økonomi og innovasjon

Faculty of Technology and Science (Grimstad)

Included in Study
Master’s Programme in Civil and Structural Engineering
Master's Programme in Information and Communication Technology
Master's Programme in Mechatronics
Master's Programme in Renewable energy


UiA Nyskaping: Global Innovation, Business Development and Tech Mentoring for startups in Kristiansand and Grimstad
EU CASSINI Hackathon 2022: Use EU Space data & signals to build sustainable solutions to global issues while reshaping the travel & tourism industry for a better future. Mentoring Team Norway.
World Economic Forum, Davos 2022: Startup Growth and Investment preferences in Scandinavia (Norway)

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