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Marta Moyano


J1044 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )


  • PhD in Oceanography. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain (2009)
  • MSc in Oceanography. Universidad de Las Palmas de GC, Spain (2007)
  • BSc in Biology. Universidad de León, Spain (2004)


BIO204 - Zoophysiology (BSc in Biology)


  • 2020 - present. Associate Professor in Marine Ecology. University of Agder, Norway
  • 2013-2020. Researcher. University of Hamburg, Germany
  • 2011-2013. Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow. University of Hamburg, Germany
  • 2010. Research Assistant. Spanish Oceanographic Institute, Gijón, Spain
  • 2005-2009. PhD Fellow (Spanish Ministry of Science). Universidad de Las Palmas GC, Spain

Utvalgte publikasjoner

  • Moyano M., Illing B., Kotterba P., Polte P., Peck M.A. (2020) Linking individual physiological indicators to the productivity of fish populations: a case study of Atlantic herring Ecol Ind 113: 106146
  • Cominassi L., Moyano M., Claireaux G., Howald S., Mark F.C., Zambonino-Infante J.L., Peck M.A. (2020) Food availability modulates the combined effects of ocean acidification and warming on fish growth. Sci Rep 10: 2338
  • Moyano M., Illing B., Christiansen L., Peck M.A. (2018) Linking rates of metabolism and growth in marine fish larvae. Mar Biol 165 DOI: 10.1007/s00227-017-3252-4
  • Moyano M., Candebat C., Ruhbaum Y., Claireaux G., Zambonino-Infante J.L., Peck M.A. (2017) Effects of warming rate, acclimation temperature and ontogeny on the Critical Thermal Maximum of marine fish larvae. PLoS ONE 12(7): e0179928
  • Bils F., Moyano M., Aberle N., Hufnagl M., Alvarez-Fernandez S., Peck M.A. (2017) Exploring the microzooplankton-ichthyoplankton link: A combined field and modeling study of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) in the Irish Sea. J Plankton Res. 39(1): 147-163
  • Peck M.A., Moyano M. (2016) Measuring respiration rates in marine fish larvae: challenges and advances. J Fish Biol 88: 173-205
  • Illing B., Moyano M., Hufnagl M., Peck M.A. (2016) Projected habitat loss for marine fish in the world’s largest brackish sea. Mar Environ Res 113: 164-173
  • Moyano M., Rodríguez J.M., Hernández-León S. (2014). Larval fish distribution and retention in the Canary Current system during the weak upwelling season. Fish Oceanogr 23: 191-209
  • Álvarez E., Moyano M., López-Urrutia A., Nogueira E., Scharek R. (2014) Routine determination of plankton community composition and size structure: a comparison between FlowCAM and light microscopy J Plankton Res 36: 170-184
  • Hernández-León S., Franchy G., Moyano M., Menéndez I., Schmoker C., Putzeys S. (2010) Dust deposition, zooplankton and the lunar cycle: do we know the fate of a bloom? Limnol Oceanogr 55: 2503-2512
  • Moyano M., Rodríguez J.M., Hernández-León S. (2009) Larval fish abundance and distribution during the late winter bloom in the Canary Island waters. Fish Oceanogr 18: 51-61

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Conradt, Jan; Börner, Gregor; López-Urrutia, Ángel; Möllmann, Christian; Moyano, Marta (2022). Automated Plankton Classification With a Dynamic Optimization and Adaptation Cycle. Frontiers in Marine Science. ISSN: 2296-7745. 9doi:10.3389/fmars.2022.868420.
  • Rasmussen, Jeppe Have; Moyano, Marta; Fuiman, Lee A.; Oomen, Rebekah Alice (2022). FishSizer: Software solution for efficiently measuring larval fish size. Ecology and Evolution. ISSN: 2045-7758. 12 (3). s 1 - 10. doi:10.1002/ece3.8672.
  • Goodwin, Morten; Halvorsen, Kim Aleksander Tallaksen; Jiao, Lei; Knausgård, Kristian Muri; Martin, Angela Helen; Moyano, Marta; Oomen, Rebekah Alice; Rasmussen, Jeppe Have; Sørdalen, Tonje Knutsen; Thorbjørnsen, Susanna Huneide (2022). Unlocking the potential of deep learning for marine ecology: overview, applications, and outlook. ICES Journal of Marine Science. ISSN: 1054-3139. 79 (2). s 319 - 336. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsab255.
  • Blanco, Edurne; Reglero, Patricia; Ortega, Aurelio; Folkvord, Arild; de la Gándara, Fernando; Hernández de Rojas, Alma; Moyano, Marta (2020). First estimates of metabolic rate in Atlantic bluefin tuna larvae. Journal of Fish Biology. ISSN: 0022-1112. 97 (5). s 1296 - 1305. doi:10.1111/jfb.14473.
  • Peck, Myron A.; Alheit, Jürgen; Bertrand, Arnaud; Catalán, Ignacio A.; Garrido, Susana; Moyano, Marta; Rykaczewski, Ryan R.; Takasuka, Akinori; van der Lingen, Carl D. (2020). Small pelagic fish in the new millennium: a bottom-up view of global research effort. Progress in Oceanography. ISSN: 0079-6611. 191doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2020.102494.

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