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Jann Fabian Michael Goedecke

Ph.d. Alumni

PhD Research Fellow

Jann Goedecke obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Cologne in Germany, and earned a Master's degree cum laude from VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Prior to his PhD, he was involved in research projects at the University of Bonn in Germany and the Amsterdam Insitute for International Development, AIID. Currently, he is a joint PhD Research Fellow at both the University of Agder and at KU Leuven (Belgium). 

Jann has participated in several international events and conferences related to microfinance, and has undertaken field research in Ecuador. He has published in international journals such as World Development or Development Policy Review. In 2017, his article "Do Multiple Bank Relationships Push Borrowers Into Indebtedness?", co-authored by Francisco Bächler, Roy Mersland and Bert D'Espallier, was elected as second best PhD paper at the 5th European Research Conference on Microfinance in Portsmouth.

Recently, Jann has been involved in a resarch project on loan defaults in microcredit at the Central Bank of Mexico.

Faglige interesser

Jann's main research interests include alternative finance sources, in particular microfinance, as well as quantitative methodology and econometrics. 

Teaching activities:

  • Research Methods in Business (ME-423), Stata lab sessions (Winter 2016)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (SE-305), teaching assistance (Winter 2016)
  • Research Methods (Summer 2014 and Winter 2014, at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany)

Jann has supervised several master's theses both at the University of Agder and KU Leuven.


"An empirical investigation of the transformation of Microfinance Institutions", joint PhD project at the University of Agder and KU Leuven (Belgium)

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Goedecke, Jann (2018). Contagious loan default. Economics Letters. ISSN: 0165-1765. 170s 14 - 18. doi:10.1016/j.econlet.2018.05.028.
  • Goedecke, Jann; Guérin, Isabelle; D'Espallier, Bert; Venkatasubramanian, Govidan (2018). Why Do Financial Inclusion Policies Fail in Mobilizing Savings from the Poor? Lessons from Rural South India. Development Policy Review. ISSN: 0950-6764. 36s O201 - O219. doi:10.1111/dpr.12272.
  • D'Espallier, Bert; Goedecke, Jann; Hudon, Marek; Mersland, Roy (2016). From NGOs to banks: does institutional transformation alter the business model of microfinance institutions?. World Development. ISSN: 0305-750X. 89s 19 - 33. doi:10.1016/j.worlddev.2016.06.021.
  • Mirzabaev, Alisher; Nkonya, Ephraim; Goedecke, Jann Fabian Michael; Johnson, Timothy; Anderson, Weston (2016). Global Drivers of Land Degradation and Improvement. Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement – A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development. ISBN: 978-3-319-19167-6. Springer Science+Business Media B.V.. ch. 7. s 167 - 196.
  • Janssens, Wendy; Goedecke, Jann; Bree, Godelieve J De; Aderibigbe, Sunday A; Akande, Tanimola M; Mesnard, Alice (2016). The financial burden of non-communicable chronic diseases in rural Nigeria: Wealth and gender heterogeneity in health care utilization and health expenditures. PLOS ONE. ISSN: 1932-6203. 11 (11). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0166121.
  • Mirzabaev, Alisher; Guta, Dawit; Goedecke, Jann; Gaur, Varun; Börner, Jan; Virchow, Detlef; Denich, Manfred; von Braun, Joachim (2015). Bioenergy, food security and poverty reduction: trade-offs and synergies along the water–energy–food security nexus. Water international. ISSN: 0250-8060. 40 (5-6). s 772 - 790. doi:10.1080/02508060.2015.1048924.
  • D'Espallier, Bert; Goedecke, Jann; Mersland, Roy (2019). Multiple bank relations and default risk of informationally opaque borrowers.

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