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  • CIEM aims at improving emergency and disaster management by leveraging the potential of new technologies and the digital revolution.
  • Starting from understanding the needs of emergency managers and responders worldwide we build solutions that enable reliable communications, joint sense making as well as efficient and effective decision support.
  • By combining expertise from Big Data, Engineering, Network Technologies, Information Management, Decision Support, Critical Infrastructures, Sensemaking and Social Media we build solutions for next generation responders. 

Projects and programmes

Previous projects and programmes

ITrack 2016-2019
Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missionslied for improving information sharing and collaboration in emergency preparedness and management. I
Funded by H2020-BES 2015.

Smart Mature Resilence 2015-2018
Funded by H2020 Secure Societies DRS-7-2014 Crisis management topic 7: Crises and disaster resilience – operationalizing resilience concepts. 

COMRADES 2015-2018
Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises 
Funded by H2020- ICT10 2015

SmartRescue 2012-2015
The SmartRescue project explores how smartphone technology can be used for threat assessment and evacuation planning in acute crisis situations. Funded by Aust-Agder Competence and Development Fund and University of Agder. 

SmartEMIS (Smart Emergency Management Information Systems) 2012-2015

The SmartEMIS project focuses on how mobile devices such as smart phones combined with different forms of social media can be applied for improving information sharing and collaboration in emergency preparedness and management. Funded by Competence Development Fund of Southern Norway and University of Agder

CIEMCOE (CIEM towards Centre of Excellent Research) 2013-2016
CIEMCOE is a project where CIEM aim to position itself strategically for the next Centre of Excellence call.  Funded by RFF Agder.

Bayesian networks for modelling of hydrological processes 2013-2014

Planned projects

CIEM is engaged in project proposals on the topics of disaster management, community resilience, ICT, climate change and security. We target both European projects in Horizon 2020 as well as national or regional funding.


Academic partners:

Public authorities and responders

Industrial partners

We are interested in strengthening our collaboration with researchers and practitioners - if you are interested, get in touch and contact us at (bjorn.erik.munkvold@uia.no)