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ESIT investigates how pupils in Norway develop their writing skills in English, Spanish, French and German during lower and upper secondary school.

Upcoming projects/applications

FINNUT, NFR 2017/FINNUT (Research and Innovation in the Educational Sector), The Research Council of Norway 2017

Research cooperation

ESIT is part of the research group TRAWL (Tracking Written Learner Language)

Members in the group

Associate members

TRAWL research partners:

  • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences: Anne-Line Graedler (project leader TRAWL), Susan Lee Nacey and Sylvi Rørvik
  • University of Oslo: Hildegunn Dirdal, Eva Thue Wold and Anne-Kathrine Woldsnes

Students in the group

  • Elin Maria Berg
  • Anna M. K. Hallheim Reiersøl
  • Jovana Dasic
  • Linnea Høegh
  • Else Marie Risdal