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Dialogical practices has been established as a concept within international practices and research. (See Network for Dialogical Practices.) The last decades the Agder region has contributed to the development of this field of practice and research. Mental health care has been a primary focus, but also other disiplines as education, social work and organizational theory has been included.

Dialogical practices are based on the recognition that we humans are formed by the dialogues, relationships and interplay that we are part of. When giving help the diversity of dialogues persons is involved in must be included. The aim of this research group is to continue to develop practice and research based on such perspectives. This we want to do through local projects and at the same time within national and international networks.  

The research group is part of UNIK. UNIK is a university-clinical collaboration run by University of Agder and Sorlandet hospital together with municipalities on Agder, ROM – user driven centre on Agder, and ALARM – user organisation for substance abuse.  

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Jaakko Seikkula, Professor of Psychotherapy, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Heine Steinkopf, PhD candidate, manager, RVTS South
  • Kenneth Haugjord, advisor, Kristiansand municipality
  • Rolf Sundet, Professor, University of South-Eastern Norway
  • Ottar Ness, Professor, NTNU

Students in the group

  • Wenche Winterstø, master student, Community Mental Health Work, UiA.
  • Anna Kristine Aase Ugland, master student psychosocial work arbeid, UiA
  • Karianne Rosef, master student psychosocial work arbeid, UiA