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Researchers’ Grand Prix: Is it your turn this year?

Are you a PhD candidate in Agder with an interest in dissemination? Join Researchers’ Grand Prix 2022! This year there will be a show in Kristiansand on 15 September.

Edvard Liljedahl Sandberg on stage, photo
THE WINNER: Research Fellow Edvard Liljedahl Sandberg from the Hospital of Southern Norway (SSHF) won the competition last year. Is it your turn this year?

Are you a doctoral candidate and want to learn more about how to disseminate and present your exciting research? The winner of Researchers’ Grand Prix 2022 will be named Agder's best research disseminator. Sign up!

What is Researchers’ Grand Prix?

At Researchers’ Grand Prix, doctoral students from all over the country take part in a competition on research dissemination. The regional final will be held in Kristiansand at Kick Scene during National Science Days on Thursday 15 September. The winner can call proudly call themselves Agder’s best research communicator.

The University of Agder and the University of Bergen have their own RGP competitions. If two more universities join, a national final will also be organised.

Excellent course in communication!

Would you like to meet and discuss research dissemination with doctoral candidates from other academic disciplines? Learn communication skills from professional communicators? Challenge yourself to stand on stage in front of an audience and TV camera?

Researchers’ Grand Prix is ​​an excellent opportunity for doctoral candidates to practice research dissemination. Participants receive training on how to present their research to a wide audience.

Participants will be guided in making two presentations on a topic of their choice from their research. They will have four minutes to convince the audience in the room and a panel of judges that they are the best communicator. A host will present the show.


Fjorårets deltakere på scenen, foto

PARTICIPANTS LAST YEAR: From left: Anita Paulsen, UiA; Margarita Olnova, UiA; Eirik Sørbø, UiA; Hilde Jenssen Bjørkekjær, SSHF, Lee Michael Shultz, UiA; and the winner Edvard Liljedahl Sandberg, SSHF.

Who can participate?

All PhD students at the University of Agder, NORCE, Hospital of Southern Norway, and the Institute of Marine Research Flødevigen are invited to join, but other PhD students working for companies in Agder can also participate.

A good Researchers’ Grand Prix participant has a strong desire to tell people about his or her research and to learn more about research dissemination!

To join, write a short text of no more than 150 words that clearly states what you are working on (about half a page). Fill out and submit the application form by 1 May!

Training in research dissemination

Those who join will undertake the training offered by the Division of Communication at UiA during spring and early autumn of 2022. The offer consists of four mandatory sessions in June and early autumn 2022, as well as individual follow-up between the sessions - and participation in the regional finals. The regional sessions are held:

  • 1 June from 13:00 to 17:00 (subject to change)
  • 9 - 10 June - individual instruction
  • 23 August - second session
  • 29 August - 5 September - individual sessions by appointment
  • 6 September  - third session
  • 15 September - regional competition in Kristiansand
  • 21 September - possible national final

The Research Council of Norway and the annual National Science Days host the national final, which is organised in collaboration with National Science Days, Trondheim. The Research Council decides whether a national final will be organised this year. The University of Agder organises the training and regional competition in the Agder region.


Contact Head of Information Jan Arve Olsen in the Division of Communication at UiA, e-mail jan.a.olsen@uia.no