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The Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is not an ordinary park or garden, it is a living museum exhibition. The botanical garden has scientific value, in the same way as the other collections at the museum

The botanical garden consists of the green areas surrounding Gimle Gård in Kristiansand, in addition to fjellhagen (“the mountain garden”) at Ljosland in Åseral. Here you can find nearly 2000 different plants, organized in different categories. There are both historical and modern roses, a variety of local plants, insect eating plants, old dahlia species and garden plants through 1000 years. You can also experience our monastic garden. In addition, there is a large collection of exotic potted plants and Norway’s biggest cacti collection!

The plants in the botanical garden are flowering from early spring to late autumn. Here, you will always find something exciting to observe.

family in the garden