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Reyn Joseph O'Born

Associate Professor

Associate professor

D3098 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

Bachelors degrees in Economics and Global Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and a masters degree in Industrial Ecology (Environmental Systems Analysis) from NTNU.

Research assistant from 2012-2014 at NTNU working within the field of life cycle assessment

Worked on various other environmental analysis projects for MiSA AS and Xynteo AS

Experience with energy recovery from organic waste, water treatment systems, energy demand in Norwegian housing stock (TEK10 and Passivhus), energy systems, environmental impacts of road infrastructure, and oil production.

PhD in cooperation with Statens Vegvesen on environmental impacts of road infrastructure

Current leader of ENTERS UiA research group on circular economy (www.enters.uia.no)

Courses and teaching

2015 - now - TFL200 

2014 - now - BYG404

Guest lecturer: IND420 (2018 - now), BYG211 (2019 - now), Prosessindustri+ (Sørlandetsfagskole, 2018)

Co-supervisor for PhD student Benedikte Wrålsen (2019-2023)

Supervisor for PhD student Jayachandra Malavatu (2021-2024)

Work experience

2010 - 2014 - Environmental advisor (part-time), Xynteo AS

Summer 2011 - Research assistant, NTNU Industrial Ecology, Input-Output (CREEA)

Summer 2012 - Environmental advisor, Asplan Viak (earlier MiSA), Smart Water Cluster

2012 - 2014 - Research assistant, NTNU Industrial Ecology, various projects mostly related to LCA

2015 - 2018 - PhD candidate, UiA, Reduction of emissions in road infrastructure

2019 - now - Associate professor, UiA

Academic interests

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Circular economy

Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable process industry

Industrial symbiosis

Green cement and UHPC

Battery reuse and recycling



Leader of ENTERS UiA research group on circular economy (www.enters.uia.no)

BATMAN project on used battery value chains (BATMAN project)

Agder Symbiose - in cooperation with Eyde, Arendal municipality og Agder county (Agder Symbiose kick-off)

ALGECO - Cost-effective algae technology to promote circular economy development of
Norwegian wastewater treatment plant in cooperation with NIVA, University of Oslo, NIBIO, SINTEF Energy Research, NMBU, University of Queensland, Vestfjorden Wastewater Company, and Biosikva AS. (https://www.alg.eco/)

2ND LIFE - The value of second life batteries in the future energy system, in cooperation with IFE, The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, NTNU, University College of London, and the Solar Energy Cluster with funding partners from Equinor, ecostor, Corvus Energy, Norsk Hydro, and Batteriretur.

ELAG - ELAG brings together important regional actors in the battery sector to try and develop new technologies and concepts that will aid in the electrification of society and contribute to increase circularity in the Norwegian battery value chain. The overall research aim is to determine how used electric vehicle batteries can be automatically discharged and characterised in order to be integrated into a circular battery value chain that also uses battery energy storage to meet the needs of a low-carbon and electrified society. (https://elag.uia.no/)

Member of NCE Eyde Cluster ThinkTank

Member of research group for Sustainable building and infrastructure

Scientific publications

  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph; Vertes, Katalin; Pytten, Gordon; Hortemo, Lars Ole; Brændhagen, Anders (2017). Life cycle assessment of an optimized network arch highway bridge utilizing timber. ISBN: 978-1-138-29595-7. Taylor & Francis. s 2304.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2021). Sirkulær økonomi og byggebransjen.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2020). Forsker på veiforurensing.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2019). Agder Symbiosis and UiA.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2019). Sustainability, life cycle thinking, and circular economy.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2019). Implementing climate impacts in road infrastructure in the design phase by combining BIM with LCA.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2019). Sirkulær økonomi og nye forretningmodeller.
  • O'Born, Reyn Joseph (2019). Sirkulær økonomi og plast.

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