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Linda Gurvin Opheim

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

J3045 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )


Ongoing: PhD, University of Agder, Teachers' perspective on mathematical tasks they prefer to use in their classrooms

2011: MSc University of Agder: Mathematics Education

2005: University college of Vestfold: General teacher education

Work Experience:

2015- on: Assistant Professor UiA

2015: Project team member, DVM-U, The Norwegian Centre for ICT in education

2011-2015: PhD research fellow, University of Agder

2011-2012: Student adviser, mathematics, University of Agder

2006-2009: Teacher at Ringshaug ungodomsskole

2004-2006: Teacher at Byskogen skole

Academic interests

My research focus is mathematics teachers and a better understanding of their perspectives. I am also interested in how we can improve the teaching of teacher students' in mathematics to prepare them for teaching in schools.


2017: Developing digital resources. Results are here: http://www.matematikk.org/trinn5-7/puslerier/

2014: TIM - Tiltak i matematikkundervisningen

Scientific publications

  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2015). Teachers’ initiating change in practice due to variation of progression of didactical time.. Proceedings of the Ninth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. ISBN: 978-80-7290-844-8. European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. TWG19 MATHEMATICS TEACHER AND CLASSROOM PRACTICES. s 3086 - 3092.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2013). Man-made Difficulties in Mathematics. Special Needs Education in Mathematics New Trends, Problems and Possibilities. ISBN: 978 82 92712 98 6. Portal forlag. Kapittel 6. s 75 - 85.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin; Simensen, Anita Movik (2018). Læreren som matematikkstudent. ISBN: 9788202579012. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. s 88.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Tips til lavterskel bruk av teknologi for å skape nærhet i nettstudier.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Ungdomsskolematte – enkelt forklart.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Lær barna å bli glad i matteleksene.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Lær barna å bli glad i matteleksene.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Lær barna å bli glad i matteleksene.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin (2019). Fagfornyelsen: Om fremtidens matematikkompetanse,.
  • Opheim, Linda Gurvin; Brodahl, Cornelia; Hansen, Nils Kristian (2017). Nettstudier i Canvas.

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