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Kristine Haddeland

Associate Professor

I2026 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Registered Nurse (2002) with clinical background from Neurological department, Rikshospitalet-Oslo University Hospital (2002-2010) and Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand (2012-2017).

MSc in Health Science from University of Agder 2012. PhD-candidate University of Agder 2016-2020. 


High-fidelity simulation in undergraduate nursing education (PhD-project 2016-2020):

-Study 1: Systematic review and metaanalysis. The objective of the systematic review was to summarize knowledge about high-fidelity simulation used in undergraduate nursing education to improve the nursing students' ability to recognize and respond to deteriorating patients. 

-Study 2: Development and pilot testing of a questionnaire to measure learning outcomes in high-fidelity simulation. A non-RCT feasibility study to test the intervention with high-fidelity simulation.

-Study 3: Cluster randomized controlled trial (c-RCT) to examine the effects of a high-fidelity simulation intervention developed to identify how recognizing and responding to patient deterioration improves the knowledge and self-confidence of undergraduate nursing students.

Master thesis (2012): Nursing students' experiences of nurse-lead supervision in hospital practice. A phenomenological study. 


Scientific publications

  • Haddeland, Kristine; Slettebø, Åshild; Svensson, Elisabeth; Tosterud, Randi Beate; Wangensteen, Sigrid; Fossum, Mariann (2021). The Effects of Using High-Fidelity Simulation in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial with a Process Evaluation. International Journal of Educational Research. ISSN: 0883-0355. 109doi:10.1016/j.ijer.2021.101813.
  • Johnsen, Hege Mari; Haddeland, Kristine (2021). User evaluation of a therapist-guided internet-delivered treatment program for anxiety disorders: A qualitative study. Internet Interventions. ISSN: 2214-7829.
  • Haddeland, Kristine; Slettebø, Åshild; Svensson, Elisabeth; Carstens, Patricia; Fossum, Mariann (2019). Validity of a questionnaire developed to measure the impact of a high-fidelity simulation intervention: A feasibility study. Journal of Advanced Nursing. ISSN: 0309-2402. doi:10.1111/jan.14077.
  • Haddeland, Kristine; Söderhamn, Ulrika (2013). Sykepleierstudenters opplevelse av veiledningssituasjoner med sykepleiere i sykehuspraksis - En fenomenologisk studie. Nordisk sygeplejeforskning. ISSN: 1892-2678. 3 (1). s 18 - 32.
  • Christiansen, Atle; Haddeland, Kristine (2020). UiA får 16,5 millionar kroner til utvikling av praksisplassar.
  • Christiansen, Atle; Haddeland, Kristine (2020). Sjukepleiarstudentane vil ha meir praksis med pasientdokker.
  • Haddeland, Kristine (2020). Denne dukken gir mer selvtillit.
  • Haddeland, Kristine (2020). Pasientdukkene blir bedre og bedre.

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