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Kerttu Pauliina Kettunen

Senior Adviser

Kerttu Kettunen (DSc, University of Oulu) works as a Senior Adviser at the School of Business and Law, University of Agder. Her main area of responsibility is external research funding. 

Research interests

Kerttu Kettunen's research focuses on business schools and management education. Her doctoral thesis, “Management Education in a Historical Perspective: Business School Question and Its Solution in Finland” was published in 2013. Her latest research interests are history of management education, business school leadership and accreditations. She has published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education, Journal of Managment Inquiry, Management & Organizational History, and Journal of Management Development.


Work experience

Besides research, Kerttu Kettunen has worked actively in the area of international business accreditations, primarily AACSB. During 2011-2013, she worked as Accreditation Manager at Oulu Business School, University of Oulu (accredited in 2013). During 2014-2020, Kerttu worked as the manager of AACSB accreditation project and Head of Faculty Development at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku (accredited in 2019).

Academic interests

Business schools, management education, international accreditations

Selected publications

Alajoutsijärvi, K., Kettunen, K. & Sohlo, S. (2018). Shaking the status quo: Business accreditation and positional competition. Academy of Management Learning and Education.

Juusola, K., Kettunen, K. & Alajoutsjärvi, K. (2015). Accelerating the Americanization of Management Education: Five Responses From Business Schools. Journal of Management Inquiry


Scientific publications

  • Alajoutsijärvi, Jouni Kimmo; Juusola, Katariina; Kettunen, Kerttu Pauliina (2020). What ails contemporary business schools?.

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