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D4018A ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Research; ongoing projects in 2020:

  • Project manager and researcher for University of Agder in RePAST, a Horizon2020 project (2018-2021).  https://www.repast.eu/ RePAST is a Horizon 2020 funded project that aims at investigating how European societies deal with their troubled pasts today through the analysis of conflict discourses rooted in those pasts, with a view on the impact of those discourses on European integration. In this project I co-lead a work package about journalistic media and troubled past in Europe. I am also responsible for the implementation of the project in Kosovo. 
  • Researcher and project manager for University of Agder in the research project Worlds of journalism (WJS),  https://worldsofjournalism.org/  , the world's largest comparative research project in journalism.


PhD in Media Studies and Journalism from University of Oslo (2015). PhD Dissertation: Journalism under pressure. The case of Kosovo.

Expertise areas:

Journalism, Media Studies, Project management in iternational research projects, production studies in media and journalism, Balkans, Kosovo, International media support, Global journa


Academic interests


Media Production

Media Studies



Horizon2020 project RePAST (2018-2021). Project leader for University of Agder in this international research project dealing with Europe's troubled past. 

Research project: Transitional justice and transitional journalism (Lancaster University (UK) og British Academy), 2018-2019

Member of the Worlds of Journalism Study http://www.worldsofjournalism.org/ )

Research group Journalism and New Visualities at Department of Nordic and Media Studies, University of Agder.

My page at Academia.edu: http://agder.academia.edu/KennethAndresen  

Scientific publications

  • Baloch, Kiyya; Andresen, Kenneth (2020). Reporting in Conflict Zones in Pakistan: Risks and Challenges for Fixers. Media and Communication. ISSN: 2183-2439. 8 (1). s 37 - 46. doi:10.17645/mac.v8i1.2514.
  • Sweeney, James; Andresen, Kenneth; Hoxha, Abit (2020). Transitional Justice and Transitional Journalism: Case-Study on Kosovo. International Journal of Transitional Justice. ISSN: 1752-7716. 14 (3). s 483 - 503. doi:10.1093/ijtj/ijaa017.
  • Hoxha, Abit; Andresen, Kenneth (2020). Violence, War, and Gender: Collective Memory and Politics of Remembrance in Kosovo. Europeanisation and Memory Politics in the Western Balkans. Memory Politics and Transitional Justice. ISBN: 978-3-030-54699-1. Palgrave Macmillan. Kapittel 11. s 263 - 283.
  • Skjerdal, Terje; Josephi, Beate; Hanusch, Folker; Alonso, Martin Oller; Shapiro, Ivor; Andresen, Kenneth; de Beer, Arnold S.; Hoxha, Abit; Moreira, Sonia Virgínia; Rafter, Kevin; Splendore, Sergio; Tandoc, Edson C. (2019). Profiles of journalists: Demographic and employment patterns. Worlds of Journalism. Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe. ISBN: 9780231186438. Columbia University Press. Kapittel 4. s 67 - 102.
  • Andresen, Kenneth; Hoxha, Abit (2019). The Development of Roles in Kosovo: From Fixers to Journalists. Journalism Studies. ISSN: 1461-670X. 20 (12). s 1732 - 1746. doi:10.1080/1461670X.2019.1639539.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2019). Verdifull ressurs om religion, medier og samfunnsendringer. Norsk Medietidsskrift. ISSN: 0804-8452. 26 (4). s 1 - 4. doi:10.18261/ISSN.0805-9535-2019-04-07.
  • Andresen, Kenneth; Hoxha, Abit; Godole, Jonila (2017). New Roles for Media in the Western Balkans: A study of transitional journalism. Journalism Studies. ISSN: 1461-670X. 18 (5). s 614 - 628. doi:10.1080/1461670X.2016.1268928.
  • Hoxha, Abit; Andresen, Kenneth (2017). Training journalists in times of transition: The case of Kosovo.. Journalism Education. ISSN: 2050-3903. 6 (2). s 37 - 47.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2015). Erfaringer fra Kosovo - kan medieledelse eksporteres?. Entreprenørskap og ledelse i media. ISBN: 978820244782-3. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Kapittel 18. s 341 - 360.
  • Andresen, Kenneth; Paterson, Chris; Hoxha, Abit (2012). The manufacture of an International News Event. The Day Kosovo Was Born. Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism. ISSN: 1464-8849. 13 (1). s 103 - 120. doi:10.1177/1464884911400846.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2009). Fikseren: mer enn journalistens usynlige hjelper?. Norsk Medietidsskrift. ISSN: 0804-8452. 15 (2). s 146 - 149.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2009). Producing ‘protocol news’ in Kosovo’s public broadcaster: Journalism culture in a transitional risk society. Conflict & Communication Online. ISSN: 1618-0747. (2).
  • Andresen, Kenneth (1998). Mediekunnskap 4 Radio. ISBN: 8256243856. NKI Forlaget. s 202.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2021). How do journalists in Europe deal with historical revisionism? The cases of Spain, Greece, and Kosovo.
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2019). Intervjuet av fire ulike TV-stasjoner i Kosovo i forbindelse med mitt postkort-prosjekt som omfatter en samling på 1,500 historiske postkort fra Kosovo..
  • Andresen, Kenneth (2019). Intervju om pressefrihet for journalister på World Press Freedom Day på RTK (Radio Television Kosovo) 3. mai 2019.
  • Andresen, Kenneth; Hoxha, Abit (2019). Preliminary results from Kosovo in the Horizon2020 Project RePAST.
  • Andresen, Kenneth; Hoxha, Abit (2019). Challenges to freedom of expression and safety of journalists, implementation of rule of law in ending impunity for crimes against journalists & Gender equality in media.

Research portrait

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