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Jimi Thaule

Research Librarian

Research Librarian / Study and Research Support Services

A1063 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

Academic interests

Librarian and historian

Particularily work with bibliometrics, research support and source criticism.

Concerned with subcultural history.


Global Mindset https://www.uia.no/om-uia/strategiprosess/globalt-mindset

Scientific publications

  • Thaule, Jimi; Strand, Marte (2018). Bibliometri webinar.
  • Thaule, Jimi; Strand, Marte (2018). Evaluating evaluative bibliometrics.
  • Thaule, Jimi (2015). Å etterprøve Wikipedia – kildekritiske muligheter for brukerne.
  • Thaule, Jimi (2012). Muscles, Fire, Guns, the New Frontier and Inner City Savages! - the Right Wing Mythology of Eighties' Action Films.

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