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Henrik Martin Hansen Torjusen

Assistant Professor


E2009 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

My post.doc. project, which is a part of the project Making memories. Contemporary Aesthetic Articulations of Norway in the Second World War, mainly analyzes works, where children or grandchildren retells the history of their relatives or families. These families were in different ways connected to the “wrong” side in the Second World War in Norway. Either as soldiers or members of Nation Samling. The aim of the project is to examine how these works relate to, reworks, criticizes, or reevaluates the dominant Norwegian understanding of the Second World War.

Work experience

M.A. i Liberal Studies, The New School for Social Research, New York, 2011.

Ph.D., Universitetet i Oslo, 2018.


Making Memory. Norway and the second world war in contemporary arts.

Scientific publications

  • Torjusen, Henrik Martin Hansen (2021). Vores nazister: Empati og erindring i Ingrid Storholmens Her lå Tirpitz (2014).
  • Torjusen, Henrik Martin Hansen (2020). On the wrong side of history: Representation of WWII perpetrators and perpetrator postmemory..

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