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Helen Suzanne Palmer

Associate Professor

J2028 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Physiologist, teacher, science education researcher.

Subject coordinator for science in teacher training for secondary education.

Teaching experience from lower secondary education (Halden and Trondheim municipalities) and higher education (University of the West of Scotland, NTNU, UiA).

Research background in physiology and neurophysiology. 

Research interests

My earlier research was within physiology and neurophysiology (2004-2017). Now my research interests are within science education, both in secondary and higher education. Projects I am currently working on and developing:-

Teaching in a digital classroom: a qualitative research project

Teaching in the outdoor classroom: digital nature trails and learning tours

Self-driven student teachers: exploration and problem-solving using programming

Sneak physics: strategies to counteract the "physics in free fall" phenomenon in science education.

Courses and teaching

I teach primarily physiology and science education. I also have some teaching responsibilities for other biology and chemistry courses at the Institute for Natural Sciences. In addition, I follow up with students out in teaching practice and teach outdoor education for international students. 

General outreach

Involved in setting up and running a programme of competence evenings for teachers and student teachers.

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