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Espen Johan Klævik-Pettersen

Associate Professor

E1071A ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Hi! My name is Espen and I come from Senja in Troms. I have a PhD in historical syntax (Old French and Late Latin) from the University of Oslo (2019). I also hold Bachelor's degrees in French, German, Latin and Political Science from the University of Tromsø. My main field of interest is diachrony (the evolution of languages through time) and the syntax of the Romance languages, but I also take interest in older Indo-European languages such as Latin, Ancient Greek, and Sanskrit.

Courses and teaching

This semester I will be teaching the courses FR 121-1, FR 123-1, as well as French didactics

Academic interests

Modern and older stages of the Romance languages in general (including Latin) and French in particular, syntax, word order, diachrony. Secondary interest: Indo-European studies, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit. 

Scientific publications

  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2021). V2, phases, et périphérie gauche : remarques sur la topicalisation en français et en norvégien. Oslo Studies in Language (OSLa). ISSN: 1890-9639.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan; Callegari, Elena (2020). Les sujets disloqués en trévisan : étude pragmatique. Scolia. ISSN: 1253-9708. doi:10.4000/scolia.1321.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2021). Full V2, Residual V2, no V2 : Exploring Variation through Phases.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2018). Why we still don't have a theory of V2 that (really) works.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2018). One head, many features: Why `strict' V2 languages defy (strong) cartography.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2017). Late Latin word order: a precursor of Old Romance verb-second?.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2017). Latin and Old Romance: When information structure becomes syntax.
  • Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan (2017). L'ordre des mots en latin tardif.

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