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Aleksandar Bozic

PhD Research Fellow

PhD Research Fellow

Aleksandar Bozic is a PhD Research Fellow at the University of Agder in Norway, Department of Social Work and Sociology. His PhD project focuses on the development of social innovation in the third sector social services within a fragile welfare context. He holds a master's degree in "Communities, Organisations and Social Changes" from the City University London, the United Kingdom, and a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

His research interests focus on social services for children and adults (community and nonprofit-led), social welfare (social innovation, co-production, government-civil society collaboration), preventive school-based services to youths in risk, and migration (emigration, international student mobility, return migration). He has experience in carrying out mixed-method research and evaluation research.

Aleksandar is being involved in three EU COST Actions as a Management Committee member: ongoing CA18155 –Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration, and Integration at School Level and CA20115 – European Network on International Student Mobility: Connecting Research and Practice, and previously CA1611–Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities' Data. Earlier, he participated in ERSTE Foundation Austria Social Research Fellowship “Generations in Dialogue” dealing with socio-demographic change in Central- and South-Eastern Europe, and he was also engaged as a researcher in the international research project "Remigration to post-socialist Europe" operated among academic partners from Germany, Austria and Croatia. He is an active member of the International Society for Third-Sector Research; International Sociological Association (ISA); European Social Work Research Association and The European Family Group Conference Network.

In a professional setting, he is experienced in social work and social development practices from a transitional context. His work has included designing, management, training and evaluation of various social programmes and welfare services in the fields of children and youth at risk, peer and gender-based violence, adult mental health, juvenile justice. Experience gained from working for/collaborating with local welfare organisations, recognised NGOs, public authorities and international development agencies. He was additionally trained at the World Bank, Washington, D.C. on the latest developments in safety nets as an integral part of social protection systems.

More information about Aleksandar's published papers and research work: https://agder.academia.edu/AleksandarBozic 

Courses and teaching

Contribution to:

SO-408-1 20V Professional development in social work

SO-407-1 20V Social Work Philosophy and Ethics

SV-402-1 19V Professions and Cooperation (Collaboration and social innovation in the public and third sector organisations )


PhD project is focusing on the role of non-governmental organisations in developing social innovation within the social welfare of the South East Europe region.

Scientific publications

  • Bozic, Aleksandar (2020). Socijalni rad sa pojedincima: Pristup zasnovan na snagama (engl. Social Work with individuals: The strength based approach).
  • Bozic, Aleksandar (2020). Social Innovations: Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Society Organizations in BiH.
  • Bozic, Aleksandar (2019). You should do a PhD in Norway. Here’s why..
  • Bozic, Aleksandar (2019). Reshaping Social Welfare Services In a Turbulent Society-A Time For Social Innovation?.
  • Bozic, Aleksandar (2019). The role of CSOs in developing innovative solutions to social challenges in a less innovative environment.

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