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Facilities at Campus Kristiansand

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Below you see some of the facilities on UiA's campuses. Some of the premises are adapted for social activities and collaboration, others specially adapted for practice in different fields of study.

Click on the pictures to navigate virtually around the facilities, or click on the map link to find the facilities on campus.

Vilhelm Krag Hall in Kristiansand

Situated in the main building, the hall is meeting point for students and staff, where events, such as fairs and exhibitions, are held throughout the year. The library, UiA Help, the Global Lounge, and the largest auditoriums can be accessed from here. From Vrimlehallen it is a short way to the pub and concert stage Østsia, the student cafeteria and the bookstore. See on map.

Gata in Grimstad

Along Gata, which means "street" in Norwegian, you will find auditoriums, classrooms, the library, UiA Help, the student cafeteria, and other services. There are also many spots available to study and work. See on map.

The library in Kristiansand

In the library you will find a lot more than just books. There are magazines, newspapers, movies and reading spots with and without screen and keyboard. This is also where you will find the general help desk at the university - UiA Help. See on map

The Teaching Lab

In The Teaching Lab, students explore new ways of teaching. One can combine the use of up-to-date digital technology with physical materials such as paper and crayons - or choose to use only one of the tools. Only imagination sets the limit. See on map.

Health Clinic Lab

The Health Lab has practice rooms with a hospital standard for nursing students, with advanced dolls as patients. The dolls can be programmed with various diseases and injuries. Students learn to perform treatment in different rooms, and to cope with stressful situations. See on map

Henrik Ibsen auditorium

With over 400 seats, Henrik Ibsen's is the largest auditorium at UiA. The hall is fully equipped, and in addition to lectures is used for larger public events such as debate programs for national television. See on map.

Multimedia room

The multimedia room is a fully equipped TV studio for advanced technical recordings. UiA also has other smaller and less complex studios where, for example, lecturers can record material to use in teaching. 

Sigurd Køhn's house (K building)

The first floor has three large rooms built for sound: Sal 1 is a concert hall for all music studies: classical, music pedagogy and rhythmic. Sal 2 is a concert hall, teaching room and rehearsal room for performers and for jam sessions. Sal 3 is a specially designed sound studio with 3D acoustics for teaching and practice. See on map.

Rehearsal and jam rooms (K building)

In the rehearsal and jam rooms, both students and staff can perform freely and as loud as they want. The rooms are built with special wall panels. The rehearsal rooms are equipped with amplifiers for bass and guitar, vocals / PA, drum kits and piano / keyboards. See on map.

Kirsten Flagstad house (G building)

On the first floor of the G building there are different rooms where students of Arts & Crafts of the Faculty of Fine Arts can learn and practice within their field. See on map.