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Campus Grimstad

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New and modern. Open and accommodating. Plenty of space inside and short distances between students, employees and the working life. Here you get the opportunity to make close connections, both academically and socially. 
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Campus Grimstad is located in The Technology Park or "Teknologiparken", Southern Norway's centre for research and development. 

Along Gata, which means "street" in Norwegian, you will find auditoriums, classrooms, the library, UiA Help, the student cafeteria, and other services. There are also many spots available to study and work.

In the library you will find a lot more than just books. There are magazines, newspapers, movies and reading spots with and without screen and keyboard. This is also where you will find the general help desk at the university - UiA Help.

The Health Lab has practice rooms with a hospital standard for nursing students, with advanced dolls as patients. The dolls can be programmed with various diseases and injuries. Students learn to perform treatment in different rooms, and to cope with stressful situations.

The Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA) has 600 student housing units, whereof 400 are situated on campus.

SiA Housing

Cinema, concert and theatre building. This is where the renowned short-film festival in Grimstad is held.

Peder Austrud (c) Visit Sørlandet

Peder Austrud (c) Visit Sørlandet

Take a stroll in this picturesque walking street surrounded by Southern Norwegian architecture, niche stores, and local bakeries and restaurants. 

Did you know that one of the country’s best park facilities is located in Grimstad? This is the ideal place for a walk along the trails or running grounds. 

Long sand beaches with great swimming conditions, a dock with diving boards, and smooth coastal rocks to lay on. There is also a playground, beach volleyball court, football field, a summer restaurant, parking, and bathroom facilities.

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

From the guest harbour, everything is within five minutes of walking: stores, restaurants, cafés, the cinema, the library, and tourist information. 

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Grimstad is known for its beautiful skerries and boat living. Rent a boat, kayak or take a ride with Badebåden. There are many islands and skerries to explore! 

Grimstad is surrounded by five moors with fabulous views: Fløyheia, Mollerheia, Kirkeheia, Binabben, and Vardeheia. A roundtrip takes about 1.5 hour. 

Visit Grimstad

The spectacular outdoor scene at Fjæreheia can seat 985 people. Fjæreheia is an old quarry, which since 1993 has been used to watch everything from the dramas by Ibsen to modern rock and roll musicals.