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2021 - 2024

Action Plan for Communication

This is the University of Agder Action Plan for Communication for the period 2021-2024. The measures set will help achieve the goals in the University’s overall strategy.

UiA’s strategy contains several areas where communication is an essential tool for goal achievement. UiA will have visibility and recognition regionally, nationally and internationally, engage in ambitious recruitment of employees and students, increase dissemination of knowledge and contribute to knowledge-based public discourse. In addition, we will develop our organisation, which places great demands on our internal communication.

Communication efforts at the University must

  • be based on the University’s identity as the co-creation university
  • have clear goals and a clear direction, be holistic, prioritised and effective
  • have a clear division of responsibilities

Goals and measures have been defined for each of these areas. Many of the measures defined for one priority area will have a positive effect on the goal achievement in one or more of the others. 

The action plan was approved by the University Board on 25 November 2020 and will provide the basis for the communication efforts of all units of UiA. More about the plan